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Michael Cheek was born and raised in a small mountain town in North Carolina called Boone. At an early age he remembers having an interest in art. It wasn't until 1983 that he took his first painting course at a local community college. After taking the course, he devoted a lot of time developing his own style and techniques. He is now a member of TEAM, which is an independent group of art teachers from all across the country, who specialize in all mediums and various styles of art. Michael has taught at National Conventions and has been featured in national magazines such as; Paint Works, The Decorative Painters, Interactive Artist, Painting E-zine, Pixelated Palette and most recent, Painting World magazine.

Here are the links to those magazines:
The Decorative Painters
Interactive Artist
Painting E-zine
Pixelated Palette
Painting World Magazine

Michael's style and techniques can be learned very easily. For anyone who has never painted before, they are able to complete a painting, start to finish in just one sitting. Michael's goal is to help as many people possible realize if they have a dream, they too can be a successful artist.

Michael currently lives in Taylorsville, NC. where he continues to teach local workshops and classes. If you would be interested in Michael coming to your area to conduct a workshop, please email for more information.


Michael Cheek

Palette Creations by Michael Cheek
Phone: 828-495-5111

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